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Mr. James Goodall’s Bob Lazar Testimony

The Lazar topic is still very hot at the moment, and I wanted to write an addendum to my previous post, but new testimony from Mr. James Goodall presented by Richard Dolan was released last week. So I will address this. The full length of this testimony is provided:

There are several problems with this testimony. I have provided time-stamped links below of the following issues I found.


“Bob Lazar’s story has never changed… Even when it was financially to his benefit to exaggerate.” (19m31s)

As my previous post showed, this sentiment is demonstrably false. And as I found recently, Linda Moulton Howe was told by Lazar that he never graduated MIT nor Cal Tech – a total 180 from previous claims. This is just one example. (timestamp below)


“Bob gave me a copy of his W-2. Bob’s a friend of mine. I met Bob before he went to work out in the desert” (18m18s)

Here we go again with the W-2, which is proven to be a major problem.

Notice the “employer” section is filled out with the “United States Department of Naval Intelligence”. The fact of the matter is, there is no such agency and never has been. Some might try to argue that this is the Office of Naval Intelligence, but that argument is unsound because if that were true, this W-2 would be an invalid document.

Another issue with this document is the $958.11 annual wage. Even in the 80s, that certainly isn’t enough income for a “Senior Scientist” on a black project for six months.


“When George Knapp went to Albuquerque to investigation Bob’s background, he said he worked at Sandia Labs. Knapp found his name in the phone book.”

It is true that Bob worked at Los Alamos National Labs, and it’s true that his name is in the same phone book… but it’s also clear that in the phone book, he worked at Kirk Mayer indicated by a K/M notation. Problem: Kirk Mayer did not employ scientists at Los Alamos. This was verified by many sources, including Friedman.


“He said he saw referencing to… they call them the kids. The greys aren’t very big, but there are posters, uh, in the hallways and stuff like that. But he never saw an alien…” (29m30s)

Two problems with this: It’s not mentioned anywhere in the autobiography or any other reference from Lazar testimony that there were posters about aliens. Secondly, it is totally absurd that classified material of any nature would be posted on the walls of a secured facility, much less information about aliens. It’s as if this person knows nothing about security.


Mr. Goodall claims that there’s a conversation between Ben Rich (Lockheed Skunk Works) and John Andrews “We have things out in the desert that is 50 years beyond what you can comprehend”. “If you’ve seen movies like Star Trek or Star Wars, we’ve been there and done that, or decided it wasn’t worth the effort.” (37m40s)

When Mr. Goodall asks a “Bill” character “Do you believe in UFOs?” his alleged response is “We have things out in the desert that would make George Lucas envious. Another guy said ‘Stephen Spielberg’ [would be envious]”. (38m45s)

Of course, none of these witnesses can be corroborated for various reasons (deceased, or won’t go on the record). The major problem with this is… if it were true, and Mr. Goodall doesn’t have a need-to-know, it would be a grave violation of security by said all parties. I find it difficult to swallow that these so-called deep black projects would be openly discussed.

Final Remarks

And lastly… Mr. Goodall says he believes we have the technology to “get from one end of the universe to the other.(56m00s) This statement is so beyond science as to be completely laughable. It’s one of those “it’s so wrong that it’s not even wrong”. We don’t even know the size of the universe (observable universe and space-time limitation), much less come even close to imagining such a technology.

Why is this so-called testimony coming out 30 years later? Where has Mr. Goodall been all this time? And if this is to be believed, why isn’t the government erasing his history like they did with Bob? Ultimately, Mr. Goodall may not be lying, but it’s clear from his statements that he received this information from second- and third- handed witnesses (Ben Rich and John Lear) and has bought into the Bob Lazar fraud.


Bonus problem:

“He had a supercomputer in his office … It was probably equivalent of an iPhone 6 today back in ’88”. (24m40s)

Problem: This is so outlandish, even Dolan (the interviewer) doesn’t believe it. Remember, Lazar had issues with money (citation needed).

But more importantly, in 1988 the highest-end commercial processor money could buy was the 80386 which ran at 40 MHz. An iPhone 6 runs a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor. This is laughable from a computer scientist’s perspective and calls into question the naivety of Mr. Goodall.

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