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Freedom Watch USA Sues DoD over UFO Secrecy

Last updated on July 26, 2019

In what I believe to be a landmark case for ufology, Larry Klayman, director the nonprofit Freedom Watch USA (501(c)(3)) is suing the U.S. Department of Defense for illegally withholding relevant records as part of a UFO related cover-up.

In 2011, Freedom Watch requested “agency records relating to extraterrestrial visits, UFO encounters, Area 51, the Roswell incident and extraterrestrial life information regarding the United Nations, Great Britain and the United States.”

On March 26, eight years later, the docs received by DoD were not only in Russian, but they didn’t “address the original request”. So, naturally, Freedom Watch appealed in a timely manner on May 29. This time the response from DoD was more timely but apparently plaintiff sees enough to sue the government over it:

And in convenient timing, just yesterday Law & Crime and the Washington Post reported that the Ethics panel of D.C. seeks to suspend Larry Klayman’s license for 33 months. “A legal ethics panel for the District of Columbia bar has recommended suspending conservative attorney Larry Klayman from practicing law for 33 months for “egregious” misconduct in 2010 while representing a woman who refused his romantic advances.” Since this is unrelated to UFOs I will refrain from speculating or digging into it.

I will say it is convenient timing. Something is up. I will continue to look into this matter and post more.

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