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Area 51: By the Numbers

Last updated on October 25, 2019

As reported earlier this month, the Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us Facebook event has caused an incredible amount of interest. As of this writing, the number of Facebook users “Going” is close to 2 million and 1.45 million “Interested”. That’s up 180% and 130% respectively since July 13th! Of course, most of those that are “Going” aren’t really going… or are they?

Storm Area 51 Facebook Count as of (7/27/2019)

Well, if even 1% wound up going “for the lulz” that would be roughly 20,000 people.

If growth in interest continues its current trajectory (which it probably won’t), by Sept 20th there may be as many as 6.41 Million. This math comes from only using two data points. If Facebook data on growth (a chart) was available it would help guide our growth model. Of course it is unknown as to whether this trend will continue or if it will wane. One things for sure: if only 1% attend it will be a huge amount of people gathering in Las Vegas

There’s no better source on this event than that of Las Vegas Nevada’s own award-winning reporter George Knapp. His connections to the military and to local authority is bar none in the business. Here are the highlights from his recent reporting, which prompted my interest in writing this:

  • “The first rule of “storm Area 51” is “don’t storm Area 51”
  • In January a man was shot and killed an intruder in one of the areas.
  • Security will be “beefed up” for the event.
  • Little Alien cleared 30 acres of land for campers and events.
  • “The US military will put up with zero nonsense.”
  • Local business are look forward to this event. It provides an influx of income as it will become a greater
  • 2-day festival to put pressure on the government on what it knows about UFOs and Aliens.
  • No one expects a million people
  • #1 concern for everyone is safety and security
George Knapp reports on Area 51 Craze
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