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About that leaked photo…

On December 3rd, the shiny new UFO website The Debrief revealed a photo of a supposed UFO, which everyone in the community has been talking about. Most are disappointed with the photo as it is not very impressive and resembles a party balloon. (see article)

According to The Debrief, anonymous US intelligence officers provided this image, claiming it was from a 2018 intelligence report.

So when others discovered that the metadata for the photo didn’t match the claims made in that article, namely that this photo was taken in 2019 rather than the claimed 2018, they began to ask questions:

Tim McMillan of The Debrief

Tim McMillan, the author of the article, explains that the photo that was shared is a “photo of a photo”, implying that the original is lost. Ummm, I have a hard time believing that, regardless of the source.

Today it was discovered by John Greenewald of the Black Vault that the image in the article has now been altered, stripping the metadata from the image.

Thankfully, you can’t hide anything on the internet. Many archiving websites have backed up the article, which reveal these facts.

What the hell is going on here? Damage control?

I’ve been made aware that the photo was in circulation on in the internet at least in May:

This brings up another question: If the photo came from a secret CI report, how does this tweet exist?

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