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Month: July 2020

The NY Times UFO Debacle

A total debacle. That’s the only way I can describe what has transpired over the last 24 hours over this already-infamous article issued by the New York Times. Here I will simply describe what has happened since its release by other notable voices. I will also remark about a small amount of investigation I did on Dr. Eric Davis.

John Greenewald Jr. over at the Black Vault notes the corrections made the next day, following every change (that I could find):

It was so egregious that Mediaite reported on the inaccuracies.

24 hours later, Senator Harry Reid practically slams NY Times remarking that he has neither said nor implied any of the paraphrased remarks made.

This statement is remarkably consistent with Harry Reid’s remarks in the past.

Alejandro Rojas remarks:

Steven Greenstreet remarks aptly that a simple phone call and quotations would have sufficed:

Bryan Bender of Politico:

Researcher Roger Glassel:

Contacting Aerospace Corporation regarding Dr. Eric Davis’ Claims

UPDATE 7-25:

Tim McMillan has chimed in on the status of Dr. Davis’ employment:

==End Update

Minutes after reading the New York Times article, I wanted to verify Eric Davis’ record at Aerospace Corporation, so I got on the phone and called them. They have an automated system with speech-to-text where you can try to contact an employee there.

No trace of any Eric Davis. All that came up was a Joshua Davis. I thought it unlikely to be the right person, but maybe he goes by a different name. I spoke with this gentleman for maybe two minutes and he relayed to me that he is not Eric Davis and that he cannot identify other employees nor forward me to them. No luck.

So I tried looking up Eric Davis on the Aerospace Corporation website search engine:

Sure enough, Joshua Davis is there, but no Eric. I thought, well maybe Dr. Davis is unlisted.

So I hop over to LinkedIn and it gets weirder. Not only is Eric Davis not working there on his profile page,

his employer doesn’t even have him registered! There are 43 results for employees with “Davis” in the title. Not a single one is him. (link)

Bryan Bender tried to get comment from Aerospace Corp:

So you mean to tell me Eric Davis can make these extraordinary claims in NY Times vetted articles, but not only is there no sign of him ever working there, his employment can’t be verified by independent journalists???

This is not just confusing, it’s frustrating as hell. If anyone can independently verify that Eric Davis works there, with evidence, please email I’d like to know the length of his tenure, which may lead to other interesting clues about this elusive UAP Task Force.

More Notable Remarks

Tim McMillan who has written for several reputable news outlets and who has been a bulwark on Intelligence reporting remarks that there is “solid intel” that NY Times cut almost 2/5ths of the article.

From Kent Bye, an astute follower of the UFO issue:


Bryan Bender regarding the article:

Podcaster Jason McLellon:

Terrible, Terrible Reporting Everywhere!!!

Major publications can’t even get the headline right!

Popular Mechanics

HuffPost: No, the Pentagon has said nothing relating to this…

Gizmodo outrageously pulls the “aliens!” card…

“The New York Times published a story Thursday night about the likelihood that aliens have visited Earth. The main takeaway? Aliens could be real and the U.S. government has been conducting classified briefings in recent years about things left behind by “off-world vehicles.””


Because of a number of inaccuracies of the New York Times and the sensational headlines of others, it was a disgusting terrible display of reporting for sever outlets:

The Star

National Post got details wrong, copying NY Times:

Debunkers having a field day

Tucker has Cmdr. Fravor on his show:


If you see any inaccuracies, or just want to throw me a line, email